Sunday, September 11, 2011

Its NOT About The Weight! Its NOT A Diet!

  So I have had some spectators saying that its not healthy for me to be weighing myself everyday. But I was only doing that to see how the 'Juicing' working. Anyway, I am not really even worried about my weight. Its way more about my health. I could weigh 160 instead of 150 and those extra 10lbs could be muscle because I am so healthy. And the juicing(I'm not doing it anymore) wasn't a diet. I was a "Reboot". I just wanted to get the the bad stuff out my system, and it worked.
 Anyways......, I am very excited to be going Strong4Life Post-Family Weekend on Friday. Its going to be so much fun. You always meet new people and learn new things. I love the counselors there. Everyone is just so friendly. I wonder who has seen my commercial. It has been very popular recently.

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